Eric speaking on stage

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Eric O’Neill speaks about protecting your organization against rising cybercrime. His career began as an undercover FBI operative, and his role since has been as a national security attorney, corporate investigator, and cybersecurity strategist. 

Eric speaking on stage

Cybersecurity Expert

Eric is founder of The Georgetown Group, a premier security services firm. His time in counterintelligence, counterespionage, and the Dark Web give him unparalleled credentials. Yet it is his lively style that brings his data to life. Eric—who customizes every keynote— shares jaw-dropping stories with teachable moments, including how he brought down Robert Hanssen, the nation’s first cyber spy. Bring Eric in for a memorable event, and you’ll get top survey scores

Eric's Keynotes

Spies, Lies, Cybercrime, and You

Dive headfirst into the battleground where foreign spies, deepfakes, and Dark Web criminals conspire to steal from you. Today’s adversaries are relentless and cunning. They’re exploiting every vulnerability, deploying an arsenal of generative AI bots and bandits. As we hurtle towards the future, cybertheft will take over $20 trillion USD from organizations just like yours. Join cybersecurity expert and legendary FBI spy hunter Eric O’Neill in this unexpected presentation. With fresh stories that read like a thriller, Eric teaches you to think like a spy catcher and win. 


Secrets from a Legendary Spyhunter:
Decoding AI Deepfakes, Extortion & More

AI-generated voices, texts, and images pose a grave threat to national security—and to you. The latest jaw-dropping stories include kidnapping calls to parents who hear their child’s wrenching cries for help. Elaborate video conferences that dupe teams into funding projects by bad actors. Ransomware from cyber-extortionists who hold your data hostage. In a world where technology drives our lives, you must take new steps to protect yourself and your organization. With his characteristic wit and storytelling, cybersecurity expert and legendary spyhunter Eric O’Neill tells you how to identify AI-fueled attacks…and stop them from taking your money. 



Data Is the Currency Of Our Lives: This Is How to Protect Yours

Cybercrime: How Thieves Gain Your Trust, Break It, and Win

Gray Day: The Inspirational Story of Catching a Cyberspy

Client Testimonials

Absolutely fantastic! Eric's energy kept our audience captivated with his FBI stories.
Eric hit home with the importance of protecting our data with real examples. The threat is REAL, and people need to take it seriously.
Excellent keynote speaker for our corporate conference! Eric's storytelling of espionage and cybercrime was engaging. He incorporated important insights for dealing with cyberattacks.
Ogletree Deakins
Eric is simply brilliant. His energy, expertise and insight into the ever-changing cybersecurity industry is unparalleled.
The highlight of our conference. He was engaging, animated, charming, and able to extract relevant business lessons from his experience with the FBI.
Johnny Rockets
Eric's combination of a great story plus the cybersecurity expertise made his keynote compelling.
I don’t think we could ask for a better outcome! than our employees becoming interested in cybersecurity! Eric's keynote helped highlight that with every employee’s vigilance and partnership, we can continue to do great things, together.
A highlight of the Acronis Cyber Protection Summit in Miami. He used humor to highlight the importance of Cyber Protection. Highly praised by the audience.
Eric O’Neill is an enthralling speaker who brings to life the realities of espionage. He painted a picture that was both enticing and terrifying.
A memorable and helpful keynote address. Eric provided tangible takeaways for credit unions to “hunt the threats” before they hunt credit unions.
Northwest Credit Union Association
He not only captivated the room with his thrilling espionage story, but also incorporated our latest cybersecurity report and other cybersecurity themes into his talk.
Eric was fabulous. He is a fantastic story teller. We’ve had multiple attendees comment that he was by far our best keynote address to date.
Connecticut Education Network
Eric delivered an absolutely mesmerizing keynote for our cybersecurity event. He tailored his talk to the topic of the event, weaving in very relevant commentary.
An amazing speaker! He was warm, personable, knowledgeable, and generous with details about this exciting and heroic story. He was a huge hit with our attendees!
Association of College and University Auditors
A consummate professional with a relaxed demeanor, he was the absolute hit of our event! Due to his great presentation we have new exposure for our chapter!
ISACA Virginia
Now I've got to see the movie Breach! Eric made an excellent presentation, keeping everyone on the edges of their seats!
Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries
The un-Hollywood look into catching one of the most notorious spies in US history told with brutal honesty and humor.
Assura, Inc.
Very engaging. He was able to translate his experiences into a thought-provoking presentation on risk management.
Henrico County Virginia
Truly a once in a lifetime speaker that everyone should see and hear in person! You could have heard a pin drop in a room of 1000+.
Eric captivated 350 business leaders, who left with clear insight into the non-negotiable importance of strategic cybersecurity.
CCB Technology

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