Eric is set to speak at the CEIC 2013 Cyber Security Conference

See me speak at CEIC 2013 in Orlando on Monday, May 20 at 3:30.  I’ll be speaking about Cyber espionage and the threat to our national infrastructure: How the World will End: The Spy is in the Cybersphere.

CEIC is one of the leading conference for cyber security.  I was pleased to provide the keynote in 2011 and am honored to have been asked back to provide a more focused training session.

For more information, or to register go to:

Here is my session description:

Threats to cyberspace pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges of the 21st century for the United States and our allies. The growing connectivity between information systems, the internet, and other infrastructures creates opportunity for attackers to disrupt telecommunications, electrical power, energy pipelines, financial networks, and other critical infrastructures. The concern has gone beyond spyware on your personal PC. We now have to be concerned about theft of IP, theft of our secrets, even the theft of our very identities. Worse, we have to be concerned that a cyber terrorist or state enemy may figure out how to turn off our lights and send us back to the dark ages. We are moving toward the dark side of the communications super highway. We are beyond malicious theft of information. I predict that in the next five years we will see a number of attacks spreading malicious information – serving up everything from political unrest to electronic infrastructure destruction. The Internet is not a safe environment. It is a frontier. We are all gunslingers in the old American west, hoping not to step on a rattlesnake. My topic investigates the recent trends in cyber security, the treats to the individual user, the business bottom line, and the American way of life.

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